Procedural Dragons

I have been dreaming with the possibility of expanding Diablo´s procedurally generated tool-set into a whole game. Imagine a game in which almost nothing has been previously defined until you set how you want to play and then the game is made just for you. This would involve infinite possibilities, considering so different contexts, from sword and sorcery to hardcore science fiction. But do not go broader than the limits of fantastic fiction; let´s stick to the idea of a Dungeons&Dragons cavern, so in spite we multiply the amount of items that can be procedurally generated we keep it doable, plausible.

Just for a minute, imagine a game in which:

  • A different dungeon with lots of levels and terrains is created every time you play.
  • The creatures that inhabit such place change and vary, not just because they have been put out of the ‘mosters box’ but because the are also affected by the ad hoc creation.
  • The items, clothes and tools that can be found are defined by lots of different attributes that change with the game.
  • The spells available are as well shaped by the context.

Would’t that be amazing?

Now imagine that you can play your character along different dungeons, first-person, level up and invite your friends. Add some non-player characters with dialogues and affinities on the fly and we close it: an amazing online experience.

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