Who is behind this blog?

My name is Guillem Carbonell. I am a media specialist working on affairs concerning interactivity, design and technology. I am also a curious, autodidact Eathling, who craves for all those marvels lying beneath our expectations.

What is this blog?

Since long ago I have been taking notes, reflecting ideas and collecting aphorisms. I have also been experiencing many different ways of art. No matter how insignificant my personal epiphanies and milestones are, I wanted to create this place in order to collect my work and thought. Ubik is, therefore, a node that connects to what I do and who I am.

Why this blog?

Ubik is meant to be a creative, inspiring place.

Can I use your ideas?

That would be a pleasure. I do not really believe in such thing as Copyright; if I am uploading all this to the Internet, all what I can ask for is a fair use. You may credit me, and that would be more than enough; if one day you make so much money that you can pay me, remember how many kids are starving in this planet and solve that first.

Why is this so bilingual?

I was born in Spain, educated in a Catalonian-speaking school and learned English lately. My mind does most of the job in Spanish, but some ideas are connected trough synaptic patterns that are related to my English education, so they make more sense when explained in such language. As Google Translator is already powerful enough to elicit fairly-understandable translations, I did not care about setting a blog in which two languages share the same space naturally; same as in my head.

Why is this so broken?

This site is a merge of sites from year 2007 up to date, so data has been corrupted here and there. Some things are obviously buggy, some others are hidden, and usability is compromised. However, you can still enjoy most of the blog entries!