During my studies, I was eager to film. The following pieces might not make it inside Hollywood, but they helped me learn the importance of teamwork, good planning, and efficient workflows. Summing up, they represent my will to get better.

Twisted Genre

(2012, Documentary, Ireland for ‘Digital Storytelling’)

Ape Station

(2011, Youtube vlog project, deprecated)

Red Neutral

(2011, Documentary, standby)

The Big Series Theory

(2010, Documentary, 30min.)

El productor

(2010, Shortfilm, A Corre-Cuita F.F. finalist)

La página en blanco

(2010, Shortfilm, standby)

La visita

(2009, Shortfilm, A Corre-Cuita F.F. finalist)

Alieni Iuris

(2009, Shortfilm)

Cinta 7

(2008, Experimental shortfilm)

He tenido un sueño

(2006, School shorftilm)

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