Web design

I have been playing around with HTML, CSS and WordPress. I have also stepped into Magento and RubyOnRails, although I am not a developer myself. I can work with terms like AJAX, JavaScript, refactoring, XML, and so.


2013. It started as my personal web, then it became my business place, then I reinvented it as my professional brand online. Ubik has changed as much as Philip K. Dick’s homonymous novel, yet I love it more and more after every iteration. This is the way I proved to myself that practice makes perfect.


2011. Personal web; inherited all the improvements I have been performing along years until it became my Ubik.

Red Neutral

2011. Website for my documentary.


2011. Webshop and showroom for traders of pigmenting systems. Done together with my friend and engineer Borja López Felipe.

Educación Solidaria

2011. Call for funding in order to build a school in Perú.


2009. Online magazine about films and film-making. Personal project, deceased.


2008-2011. My first personal blog. It got 300 entries in 3 years, and it taught me about the importance of workflows, dedication and long-term goals.


2007. Event organizers requested a temporary website for their new business. Nowadays they still use a different version of it.

Colegio San José de Calasanz

2007. Awarded by Valencia University in “Concurso de diseño de páginas web para estudiantes de enseñanza secundaria de la Comunidad Valenciana”. Together with the —nowadays— engineers Javier Belenguer and Jaime Barrachina, we bypassed the competitions prohibition —not to build a dynamic website— and got a functional, client-side solution trough XML/XSL.

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