LOIC Complex

A week ago, I participated at the #xkcdGameJame (Discord, Twitter) organised by Xavier Ekkel. This was the first time I managed to design and code a jam videogame all by myself, in about two days and a half. If not perfect, it was a bold attempt to create a Quake-ish experience, inspired by the XKCD comic strips. This time, you must run for ions (blue cubes) and load them into the LOIC (by pressing E next to it); you win the game once you get to drain the oceans from the planet you see below.


DOWNLOAD LOIC Complex from Itch.io

Release notes

  • It’s all about being quick and guessing where ions and heal cubes (red big ones) will fall. So run!
  • Made with Blender Game Engine, which means: better if you run it for Blender and for curiosity, as the .exe file tends to fail and it’s GPL&CC licensed.
    • UPGBE, an improvement of the original engine, called my attention.
    • BGE Book: useful guide!
  • First time I coded with Python; there are a few useful scripts inside.

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