The Culture Bundle

A quick note. Similar to The Humble Bundle and its clones, but offering transmedia bundles with wacky indie stuff!


  • A videogame combining Rogue and Ultima VIII.
  • An amateur tabletop roleplaying game on epic fantasy.
  • A novel by an unknown, unemployed man in his sixties, who wrote a drama about elfs and goblins.
  • 12 retro dungeon song loops that address different situations during roleplaying.


  • A 2-hour-long video tutorial on filmmaking.
  • Presets and templates for Adobe After FX with lots of 3D stuff made in Blender.
  • Some never-released pictures of the shooting of Star Wars VII.
  • A book by a camera operator who worked as an assistant of an assistant during the filming of The Lord of the Rings, including valuable tips and tricks.

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