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My 2$ photo camera

Can you imagine a camera that fits in you pocket and imprints pictures with more resolution that any DSLR available in the low market? It should cost about two euro, and the only handicap is that you have one picture per camera. Yes, it sounds as tricky as fun.

Pinhole cameras were here even before chemical development was applied, and I am not proposing anything new but a twist on how we deal with photography. The great odd was that pinhole cameras such as the Brownie model can carry a great load of film but nowadays you have to make the film roll yourself and ensure it will not collapse inside the camera while you hipster around. After building a few devices myself, I came with the idea of a pinhole microcamera, so you can carry many single-shot ones in order to arrange some safari.

Can that be possible? We already said it: can. All we need is a soda can and work some magic around it. Some tutorial on the basis of pinhole camera building may help. Beware: you will still need to set a photo lab!

When cut in a half, a can becomes a malleable set of two cylinders. If we do not open it, with proper sealing we obtain the dark space we need to preserve the photosensitive material untouched by light. By performing a proper pinhole in the bottom of the can, all we have to do next is to ensure the film inside will not move and the light with not cross the pinhole; so Blu-tack or tape.

Other improvements include a better fix system for the target, some «legs» so the camera does not move, and some band ensuring the reusable sealing does not fail.

Because of its dimensions, we can reduce the distance of the pinhole against the target as much as we want, and that should create a fish-eye effect in a picture that, because of its lens-less nature, sets everything on focus. Also, we do not depend on pixels; if you remember how small the originals of your childhood picture were, you will get to what extent you can increase the size of the representation.

Good luck carrying your 20 babies around 😉