From Talk to Transformer, here it goes: neural networks composing texts out of human-made prompts. Here are some I got. Credits to Adam D King. (Twitter, GitHub, such a great article about Gaugan). (Bold goes for my prompt).

# First attempt:

There is no such thing as accidents in the Sharriani court. There is only punishment in the Sharriani court.» When I asked him if he had anything to do with the Muslim tribes, he replied, «No, I am completely independent.» He spoke in a soft, clear voice, and I could understand what he was saying. The phrases he used made it obvious he was a moderate—he had a soft disposition. In any case, the audience knew what he meant. In a sense, he was making peace with the religion in order to understand it better. «I believe in tolerance and democracy,» he said. «I want it to happen that the true religion of Islam can spread everywhere.» He encouraged the audience to remain optimistic and,

# Second attempt (may Paulo Coelho be an AI?):

Why am I a bad person?

‘Why have I done this?’

How are we our worst selves?

‘Why do I care?

Where do I go from here?’

For so many of us, these questions are self-destructive.

They function to keep us from actually focusing on change.

If you feel unsure of your life, it’s because you’re afraid to be a decent human being.

There’s a saying that if you don’t feel the possibility of failure then you’re not actually focusing on the big picture.

Or if you’re not showing up to hang out with friends in a tough moment, you’re not truly living your life.

The truth

# Third attempt

Understanding yourself is a path to conquering fear.

Guilt is the captain of your emotions and the embodiment of your fears.

Accept it, release it, and move on.

Did you find

# Bonus track (not mine)

Love has meaning for me, as it has been my life-line and one of the ultimate expressions of faith. It gives me strength to face both the trials of the soul and the trials of life. It enables me to pursue the goal of my life: to be well and happy, a good wife and a good mother.

However, I have also been distracted from my calling in that I have not been looking after myself. I have become so obsessed with looking after others that I have failed to look after myself.

This obsession with looking after others sometimes causes great damage to those people I care about most. It can even cause the destruction of people who are closest to me. I think we all have a couple of things in common with

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