Brad Sucks – Out of it

Brad Sucks es mi nuevo ídolo. Se describe a sí mismo como "la banda de un solo hombre", y tal y como cuenta en su web:

I write, record and produce songs and put them on this website for people to download and hopefully share and enjoy. There are also some albums for sale.

In 2001, I started using the Internet (blogs, MP3s, P2P) to spread my music and not worrying so much about copyright violation. I’ve even been giving the source of my songs away for remixers to play with. I figured that spreading my music should be the number one goal and so far it’s worked out pretty well.

Tiene su espacio en Jamendo, donde hasta la fecha ha publicado dos discos que han sido portada. Del que os presento hoy, Out of It, se dice:

Good music on this new album, new effects are well combined with rhythms of guitar and drums. Nice alternative rock, the first time i have heard Brad Suck it remember Beck, but with own stile. Brad Sucks show us that music is good and don’t need to pay.


This album is quite possibly the best album I have heard all year. I loved the first album but felt it was slightly disjointed. This is sublime brilliance in album building, not just songwriting. The album flows from song to song effortlessly and makes the album as a whole very easy to listen to. Now for the songs.


Brad 1, Música Privativa 0:


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