Blade Runner 101

  • Tyrell Corp. makes  genetically engineered humans (Replicants) who do the hard work at the space colonies.
  • Deckard and Gaff are Blade Runners; they hunt Replicants who go into Earth’s biosphere.
  • Deckard can read Mr. Tyrell’s secretary —Rachel— implanted memories, therefore Rachel is a Replicant.
  • Deckard falls in love with Rachel and does not kill her.
  • Deckard dreams with a Unicorn.
  • Deckard hunts Roy, the chief of the rebel Replicants.
  • Roy dies himself with a dialogue about the emptiness of the life as an epiphenomenon of the Cosmos.
  • Gaff let’s Deckard and Rachel escape.
  • Gaffs leaves a Origami Unicorn so Deckard finds him and realises Gaff knows about what is in his head, therefore Deckard has implanted memories, therefore Deckard is a Replicant.

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